Walking Trails

There are several trails in the Reserve, of which only the Brown Route is non-circular. Many regular walkers buy an Early Riser key which allows them access to the Reserve on foot before opening hours. This is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy a quiet walk. Early Riser keys are available from the Information Centre. Applicants need to be a valid member of the Friends of the Helderberg Nature Reserve. Membership cards are also obtainable at the Information Centre.

The routes are colour-coded.

Walking Trails on the slopes of the Helderberg

Walking Trails in the Reserve

The Pink route goes to the top of West peak which is outside the Reserve.

The Green route is also outside the Reserve.

All the other trails are within the Reserve.

The Brown route is the only non-circular route.

Please treat the mountain with respect and take suitable precautions when hiking:

  • Never travel alone
  • Make sure someone knows what route you are taking and when you expect to return
  • Always carry water and snacks with you
  • Wear a hat
  • Carry protection from cold and wind – even on hot days
  • Carry a cellphone with the emergency number for Omnipage: (021) 852-3318

Approximate distances of each route:
Yellow route: 3km
Black route: 0.6km
Blue route: 5.3km
Red route: 2.2km
Green route: 2.2km
Pink route: 2.6km
Brown route: 2.8km

Note that these distances are for the portion of the trail in the colour given. So the total distance for the blue trail for example would be about 8,3km (Yellow route – 3km + Blue route – 5,3km = 8,3km).