Fynbos, or the Cape Floral Kingdom, is the smallest of the worlds six plant kingdoms, covering only 0,4% of the earth�����s surface. According to its size it is the most species-rich plant kingdom, consisting of some 8600 species, of which 68% occur nowhere else in the world.

Ericas with fine leaves and bell or tube shaped flowers
Colourful Proteas

Fynbos is the common name for the fine leafed, thick, shrub-like vegetation which occurs in the winter rainfall area of the southern and south-western parts of the Western Cape . Fynbos consists of three main plant types namely ericas, restios and proteas.

Natural vegetation in the Helderberg Nature Reserve is representative of Mesic Mountain Fynbos on the upper reaches, and the Renosterveld on the lower reaches. Fynbos is found mainly in the Western Cape, has few trees or succulents. The Helderberg Nature Reserve is unique due to a convergence of four habitats – mountain, riverine, forest and lowland scrub.