Fire is one of the characteristic features of the Cape Floral Kingdom, and most plants are adapted to survive it.

Often areas like nature reserves are cut off from the natural fire cycles. The veld becomes overgrown and the plants, shrubs and trees start to struggle to survive and eventually die off.

A fire gets rid of all the ‘deadwood’ and affords the current seedbank a chance to germinate and a new, healthy and uncluttered veld starts a new cycle of growth.

burn1 burn2
A quiet windfree day in the Helderberg was ideal for the operation… …standby personel with the necessary equipment to control breakaways…
burn3 burn4
…under strict supervision from the people who know how… …all that moribund bush going up in flames, at long last…
burn5 …the end result. Now the veld can rejuvinate itself.