Bus fund

The purpose of the Bus Fund is to get sponsorship to transport learners from disadvantaged schools to the Environmental Education and Resource Centre at the Helderberg Nature Reserve in Somerset West.

The Mike Woods Environmental Education Centre was established by The Friends and is now run by the Biodiversity Branch of the City of Cape Town with a qualified Education Officer, assisted by volunteers from The Friends. The Centre provides courses for schools, educating the youth in various environmental matters. Unfortunately some of our disadvantaged communities cannot get to the Centre unaided, and transport must be provided, normally at their own expense.

Children from Macassar Primary School in front of the bus
Children from Macassar Primary School in front of the bus

As neither the government nor the schools have money to sponsor buses for learners, the Bird Club, Education Centre and the Wildlife Society, started a project to generate funds. The purpose of this project is to allow as many children as possible access to the EEC. The Bus Fund has been generously supported for several years by local businesses and serves the following purposes:

  • To get sponsorship for the bus fund
  • The sponsorship provides a bus service to and from the EEC. At the Centre the learners listen to talks or watch slide shows on various topics, such as birds, nature conservation, environmental awareness, wetlands, ecology and many more
  • Learners are taken on short guided walks, exploring their natural surroundings

Continuation of the project is vital, and we have no time to lose educating our youth to take responsibility for caring for the environment and to realize that they can make a difference to what happens in their future.

We are making a strong appeal to your generosity and any contribution you are able to make would be most welcome.