West Peak sleepover – 17/18 March 2012

We had a fabulous sleepover on the mountain. The weather was lovely.
Ready to climb the mountain!
It was hard work walking up the mountain, but everyone was in good spirits. We had a refreshing break at the gorge where everyone could fill up their water bottles. Then the interesting path began, zig zaging up the buttress towards the saddle.
Silhouette view from the cave
We decided to sleep over in an overhang just below the saddle. We each looked for a place to sleep: some surfaces where nice and flat, but dripped from above. Some where very narrow, you could easily bump your head when sitting up.  Eventually everyone managed to find a spot, even if it was between a rock and a hard place!
Everyone found a space to sleep
The next morning we had breakfast and then explored a few smaller overhangs, caves and a porcupine hole.
After this we loaded our packs again and walked right to the top of West Peak to enjoy the view. Ben and Jeff found the official Geo cash container and could swap ‘treasures’.
West peak summit!
Then it was time to go down again. We decided to take the same route back, as the other route was in a bad state.
Our youngest member, Noah who is just 6 years old, found many insects, spiders, lizards etc. along the way. Kieran, who was on the mountain for the first time, enjoyed it so much that he can’t wait for the next hike. Thanks to everyone who joined us and well done to all of you!
West Peak sleepover – 17/18 March 2012