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ECO-Rangers : Holiday Program

June/July 2010 holiday program

This coming holiday ECO-Rangers will be offering the following:

Saturday 19th June : Kogelberg new trail
Wednesday 23rd June : Trees: Collecting seed and planting
Saturday 26th June : Wagon trail (Wedderwill to Sir Lowry’s Pass)
Wednesday 30th  June : Owl nest building
Sat & Sunday 3-4 July : Snow camp : Heksrivier mountains (Worcester)
Wednesday 7th July [...]

ECO-Rangers : Toad Project

Making Toad Houses  :  28th May 2010
As the weather was real frog weather, we learned about frogs and toads. Andreas told us interesting facts about frogs and toads. We saw pictures of the tiniest frog, the biggest and the most beautiful frogs! We were shown what influence man has on these lovely creatures.
To encourage the [...]

ECO-Rangers : River Rehabilitation

Tree planting on Wedderwill : 21 May 2010

We had a wonderful time planting the yellowwood trees. We were a group of 14 children and 7 adults. Each child carried ‘their’ tree from the parking area to the river. Andreas looked at the area and decided that the best area to plant the trees was [...]

May 2010 Hack Newsletter

The hack newsletter reporting on the May hack is available for download as a pdf.